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Which is More Effective for Pest Control: Heat Treatment or Tent Fumigation?

Absolute Termite & Pest Control Hawaii, proudly provides heat treatment services throughout the island of Oahu. If you find you have questions about Heat treatment, or would like to schedule a free estimate don't hesitate to schedule yourself online, or call us today for a free estimate!

The many Advantages of Heat Treatment:

You might be wondering if heat treatment is the right choice for you. Read on for more information about the benefits of Heat Treatment.

Opting for Heat Treatment (Structural Pasteurization) instead of traditional pesticide applications offers numerous advantages. Heat treatment is completely chemical-free and has been proven to effectively eliminate termites. This method targets all life stages of termites in a single treatment, eliminating the need for multiple applications. By choosing our solutions, you can avoid the use of harmful chemicals in your living or work environment. Whether you have chemical sensitivities, a compromised immune system, asthma, or simply harbor concerns about chemical usage, heat treatment is a safe alternative.

Say goodbye to the expenses and inconveniences associated with vacating the premises overnight . Heat treatments can be easily administered in residential or commercial settings with minimal preparation required on your end. This method is particularly suitable for restaurants, apartments, houses, and various other spaces. Contact Absolute Termite & Pest Control Hawaii today to learn more about our effective termite heat treatments.

Various insects have distinct thermal death points

Different Insects have distinct thermal kill points, which refers to the minimum temperature required to kill them within a specific time frame. Absolute Termite & Pest Control Hawaii's Pest Pro's will use a method where clean, dry heat is gradually raised in the structure until the wood core reaches 130 degrees. This temperature is maintained for 1.5 hours to guarantee complete elimination of the insects. The whole process can be finished in just 8 hours.

Thermal Kill Points For Common Pests:

  • Cockroach – 130F thermal kill point

  • Termites - 130F thermal Kill Point

  • Bed bugs – 130F thermal kill point

  • Ants – 130F thermal kill point

Pros Of Heat Treatment:

  • Zero Chemicals

  • Faster treatment time – The heat process requires approx. Eight hours to complete, compared to three days for chemical fumigation.

  • It eliminates the cost and inconvenience of homeowners having to move out for three days. (Lodging, food, boarding of pets)

  • Our supervisors and technicians are on-site for the duration of the treatment, so there is no need to worry or hire security. At the same time, your home sits unoccupied for days during chemical fumigation.

  • No risk of roof, satellite, or antenna damage. We enclose the exterior from the eaves down. Chemical fumigation requires walking and dragging heavy tarps across the roof, which may damage the roofing material and other items on the roof. Fumigation requires you to sign a release of liability for the roof, satellite dish, antenna, and plant damage.

  • Heat kills insect eggs and wood-boring beetles. Chemical fumigation does not destroy the eggs or eradicate wood-boring beetle infestations.

  • Heat can also be used to kill mold, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and other indoor allergens.

  • Heat treatment reduces or eliminates odors and leaves the building smelling fresh.

  • Heat dries out wet wood members, which helps to prevent mold, fungi/dry-rot, and termite re-infestation.

Did You Know:

Per the California Department Of Consumer Affairs: Fumigation and Heat Treatment

are the only two effective methods for total (whole-house) eradication. The ability for heat to penetrate inside of wood to kill dry wood termites makes the Heat Treatment process an effective non-chemical tool for whole structure eradication of these pests.

Heat Treatment Vs Typical Pest Control:

The preparation needed for Heat Treatment pest control is usually much less compared to traditional pest extermination.

As heat can penetrate large furniture pieces, there is no need to relocate them from walls and corners as you would for pesticide treatment. Professionals applying pesticides in your infested area will require unobstructed access to areas where furniture may be blocking.

The more you know:

While both tent fumigation, and heat treatment will not leave a residual chemical. Heat treatment allows for those who want to mitigate the process of leaving over night, and prepping for the process of traditional fumigation, as well as using a chemical solution.

Contact us today to schedule your free estimate! 808-260-7889

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