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7 Items That Attract Rats & Mice To Your Home.

A rodent moving into a residential home and living there. Photo created by Absolute Termite & Pest control
Rodent making himself at home...In Your Home!

Aloha, rodents are known for their adaptability to various habitats and dietary styles. Both rats and mice are a persistent problem for people globally. If you've noticed rodent activity in your home, you may be curious about what foods attract them. Rodents are drawn to open compost bins, overflowing trash cans, and dirty dishes. To avoid rodent infestations, it's crucial to maintain a clean and tidy home and garden, and dispose of food waste regularly as well as proper rodent control maintenance. Contact us here at Absolute Pest Control Hawaii today, we provide free estimates and proudly serve all of Oahu, Hawaii for rodent control and all pest control needs.

1 Plants:

Here in Hawaii we have a lush and dense tropical environment. Most of us have plants, flowers and other displays outside of our homes that make for perfect nests, food and water sources. Both Rats and Mice have the ability to consume a diverse range of plants and seeds. Furthermore, plants and vegetation can serve as a source of nesting materials and hiding places for rodents. To prevent rodent infestations, it is suggested that homeowners trim overgrown vegetation on their properties. Professional assistance may also be required for effective rodent control, call us here at Absolute Termite & Pest Control Hawaii today. Oahu's Leading Pest Solution.

2 Seeds & Grains:

Rodents can be a major problem for both agricultural and suburban areas especially here in Hawaii. They are highly attracted to sources of grain and seeds, which can be easily accessible to them. This can lead to infestations in homes and storage containers. To prevent this, it's important to take proactive measures to restrict rodent access to these food sources. A combination of prevention and intervention strategies can be effective in controlling rodent populations. Call us today to see how we can help protect your home, and crops.

3 Nuts:

Surprisngly, both rats and mice have a particular fondness for high-protein foods like almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and hazelnuts. These foods can provide the necessary nourishment for rodents and are among their favorites. It's important to keep these foods stored properly to prevent rodent infestations in homes and storage areas.

4 Meat:

While rats and mice typically prefer seeds, grains, fruits, and plants, they are omnivorous creatures and will not hesitate to nibble on meat if it's available. They are likely to eat meat found in trash cans, kitchen sinks, dumpsters, and other areas, but they do not hunt for it. Rats, in particular, have been known to eat all types of red meat, poultry, and fish. It's important to properly dispose of food waste to prevent rodent infestations in homes and other areas.

5 Fruits:

It's not surprising that rats and mice are known to happily nibble on fruits and berries whenever they get the chance. If you have mango or other fruit trees on your property, it's important to make sure that fruits aren't left to rot. The smell of rotting fruits and berries can attract rodents to your home like a magnet, which can ultimately lead to large-scale rodent infestations. Proper disposal of fruit waste is crucial in preventing rodent problems.

6 Pet Food:

It's important to remember that if a food item is good enough for your pet cat or dogt, it's good enough for a rat or mouse as well. To prevent rodent infestations, it's crucial not to leave pet food bowls unattended, especially during the night, whether inside or outside your home. Rodents are attracted to pet food and can easily access it if left out. Proper storage of pet food and cleaning of bowls can help prevent rodent problems.

7 Sweet & Salty Snacks:

You're not the only one up late at night looking for a quick snacky snack.. rats and mice have a particular fondness for salty and sweet treats. Whether it's jerky, tiny pieces of chocolate, or gumdrops, rodents will try to consume them as much as possible. It's important to keep these types of foods stored properly to prevent rodent infestations in homes and storage areas. Proper disposal of food waste and regular cleaning can also help prevent rodent problems.

Contact us here at Absolute Termite & Pest Control for your rodent concerns. We proudly service the island of Oahu, Hawaii. We provide free estimates, and service island wide. Our locally trained professionals are your friends and Ohana. Give us a call today, or enjoy the ease of our online scheduler and schedule yourself online today.

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